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51 "8th child, 4th son" in PR at baptism VICKERMAN, Richard (I454)
52 "extract from West Riding Register of Deeds"

March 1886 - will:
Joseph VICKERMAN of Salford, Pattern weaver 'testators front and back house situate at Salford' Executor of will was George VICKERMAN, Stroud, Glos, designer

Jan 1891 Assignment - (ref 5 525 268)
John VICKERMAN of Minchenhampton, Glos, Mill Manager & George VICKERMAN of Stroud, designer on the one part AND Thomas VICKERMAN of Salford, Power loom tuner of the other part.
Occupation Road/ Huddersfield & Woodhead Turnpike Road.
Refers to 2 cottages and access over land. Said Thomas VICKERMAN living in one of the cottages. 
VICKERMAN, George (I2674)
53 "worn out from long and faithful service and of an age to be no longer fit for the active duties of a Soldier"

Fresh complexion, grey eyes, fair hair. 4'6" at 12. 
VICKERMAN, Carr (I2854)
54 'Admitted from parish C' -?-, Emma (I4073)
55 'Admitted from parish M' -?-, Emma (I4073)
56 'Admitted from parish M' -?-, Emma (I4073)
57 'Baseborn' VICKERMAN, Elizabeth (I4501)
58 'Baseborn' VICKERMAN, Elizabeth (I4497)
59 'Easter Day' VICKERMAN, Harriet Caroline (I4082)
60 'Junior'
VICKERMAN, John (jnr) (I4375)
61 'JUNIOR' VICKERMAN, Edward (jnr) (I4358)
62 'next village to Highburton' - from Aunt May SHAW, Arnold (I212)
63 'of Thwing' VICKERMAN, Skelton (I949)
64 'Uncle Robbie'

A witness at gran's marriage

FMP (transcription) shows he was awarded the Silver War Badge QUERY/CHECK
IRVING, Robinson (I143)
65 (across road from number 11). Dates are approx. IRVING, Margaret (I146)
66 (Albert memorial area) POWELL, Eliza (I1805)
67 (Apartment House) VICKERMAN, John (I365)
68 (Banns called at) Family F369
69 (Berkshire) PRIESTLEY, Francis Vickerman (I3128)
70 (birth cert for Charles Albert VICKERMAN) Family F104
71 (boarder with Henry & Fanny Sykes) SCOTT, Ben Vickerman (I399)
72 (boarder) VICKERMAN, John Beaumont (I3238)
73 (bottom House) HANSON, Emma (I2157)
74 (bottom House) VICKERMAN, Caroline (I2012)
75 (bottom house) -?-, Hannah (I1425)
76 (bottom house) VICKERMAN, Alfred (I1355)
77 (bottom of Hopwood/Lister Lane area) TIFFANY, Thomas (I1032)
78 (built against walls of St Paul's Cathedral) Family F1390
79 (burial ground was NEAR Scarborough) VICKERMAN, Elizabeth (I4313)
80 (Chorley reg district) VICKERMAN, Mabel (I1488)
81 (Chorley reg district) VICKERMAN, James Edmund (I1445)
82 (date as given in PRs) VICKERMAN, Sarah (I3939)
83 (Dearnley) MAGSON, Mark (I2575)
84 (Fleminghouse Lane area) IRVING, Willie (I203)
85 (Fleminghouse Lane area) IRVING, Ethel (I201)
86 (followed by interrment in Almondbury cemetery) VICKERMAN, Sarah J (I2251)
87 (following service at Almondbury church) VICKERMAN, Mary Jane (I362)
88 (Gibbet Street - below Queen's Road) JOHNSTON, Edward (I1118)
89 (Hemsworth Reg Dist) VICKERMAN, Edward Field (I578)
90 (Hemsworth Reg Dist) VICKERMAN, Alice Martha (I549)
91 (home of his employer) VICKERMAN, Jonathan James (I4098)
92 (Hopwood Lane area) DODGSON, Ann (I1364)
93 (late of Chickenley, Dewsbury) FIELD, Martha (I617)
94 (listed in St Peter's parish church register) VICKERMAN, Richard (I1902)
95 (living with father) SCOTT, Ben Vickerman (I399)
96 (Long Island?) VICKERMAN, Warren Potter (I3436)
97 (Medlock area) VICKERMAN, Alfred (I2309)
98 (Nelson area) VICKERMAN, Arthur Lemon (I4159)
99 (next door to 'The Woodman') VICKERMAN, Mary Ann (I3573)
100 (next door to 'The Woodman') HARDCASTLE, Joseph (I3572)

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