Moldgreen, Huddersfield



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRIER, Minnie  1872Moldgreen, Huddersfield I380
2 IRVING, Edward  9 Mar 1849Moldgreen, Huddersfield I139
3 IRVING, Thomas Henry  5 Sep 1852Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1529
4 SHAW, Vera  1904Moldgreen, Huddersfield I527
5 VICKERMAN, Ada  4 Jan 1906Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1964
6 VICKERMAN, Mary Ellen  15 May 1865Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1508
7 VICKERMAN, William Arthur  16 Jan 1872Moldgreen, Huddersfield I369
8 WILLIAMSON, Alice  Abt 1883Moldgreen, Huddersfield I474
9 WILLIAMSON, Dorothy  Abt 1890Moldgreen, Huddersfield I477
10 WILLIAMSON, Frank  Abt 1885Moldgreen, Huddersfield I475
11 WILLIAMSON, George  1880Moldgreen, Huddersfield I473
12 WILLIAMSON, Henry  Abt 1896Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1679
13 WILLIAMSON, John  Abt 1879Moldgreen, Huddersfield I472
14 WILLIAMSON, Lucy  Abt 1886Moldgreen, Huddersfield I476
15 WILLIAMSON, William  Abt 1878Moldgreen, Huddersfield I471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERRY, Godfrey  23 Oct 1893Moldgreen, Huddersfield I331
2 DODSON, William  Mar 1839Moldgreen, Huddersfield I586
3 DODSON, William  16 Dec 1853Moldgreen, Huddersfield I584
4 IRVING, Frederick  Nov 1853Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1530
5 IRVING, Thomas Henry  Dec 1852Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1529
6 KAYE, Martha  Mar 1846Moldgreen, Huddersfield I587
7 VICKERMAN, James  Apr 1886Moldgreen, Huddersfield I3694
8 VICKERMAN, William  28 Nov 1884Moldgreen, Huddersfield I354


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BEAUMONT, Martha  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I447
2 BERRY, Arthur  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I334
3 BERRY, Arthur  1871Moldgreen, Huddersfield I334
4 BERRY, Arthur  1881Moldgreen, Huddersfield I334
5 BERRY, Caroline  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I329
6 BERRY, Edwin  1871Moldgreen, Huddersfield I339
7 BERRY, Edwin  1881Moldgreen, Huddersfield I339
8 BERRY, Godfrey  1859Moldgreen, Huddersfield I331
9 BERRY, Godfrey  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I331
10 BERRY, Godfrey  1871Moldgreen, Huddersfield I331
11 BERRY, Godfrey  1881Moldgreen, Huddersfield I331
12 BERRY, Harry  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I337
13 BERRY, Harry  1871Moldgreen, Huddersfield I337
14 BERRY, Harry  1881Moldgreen, Huddersfield I337
15 BERRY, Lavinia  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I333
16 BERRY, Margaret  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I335
17 BERRY, Margaret  1871Moldgreen, Huddersfield I335
18 BERRY, Margaret  1881Moldgreen, Huddersfield I335
19 BERRY, Mary  1871Moldgreen, Huddersfield I338
20 BERRY, Mary  1891Moldgreen, Huddersfield I338
21 BERRY, Mary Ann  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I327
22 BERRY, Sam  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I336
23 BERRY, Sam  1871Moldgreen, Huddersfield I336
24 BERRY, Sarah  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I149
25 DODSON, Eliza  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I595
26 DODSON, Frances  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I596
27 DODSON, Jane  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I355
28 DODSON, Jane  1846Moldgreen, Huddersfield I355
29 DODSON, William  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I584
30 DODSON, William  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I584
31 ELLIS, Sarah  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I324
32 HALL, Anne  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I585
33 HALL, Anne  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I585
34 HILEY, James  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1820
35 IRVING, Edward  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I139
36 IRVING, Percy  1947Moldgreen, Huddersfield I144
37 IRVING, Phyllis  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I150
38 IRVING, Thomas  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I147
39 IRVING, Thomas  1845Moldgreen, Huddersfield I147
40 IRVING, Thomas  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I147
41 KAYE, Martha  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I587
42 LONGLEY, Ann  1861Moldgreen, Huddersfield I332
43 LONGLEY, Ann  1871Moldgreen, Huddersfield I332
44 LONGLEY, Ann  1881Moldgreen, Huddersfield I332
45 NETHERWOOD, Ellis  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1188
46 NETHERWOOD, George  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1186
47 NETHERWOOD, Godfrey  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I1187
48 NORTH, Ruth  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I3753
49 NORTH, Ruth  1851Moldgreen, Huddersfield I3753
50 SCHOFIELD, Frederick  1841Moldgreen, Huddersfield I602

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