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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARMITAGE, Harold Vickerman  1905Huddersfield reg dist I30
2 FIRTH, Stephen Vickerman  Aug 1852Huddersfield reg dist I2484
3 MCGUIRE, Barbara E B  1931Huddersfield reg dist I107
4 MCGUIRE, David  1941Huddersfield reg dist I108
5 MCGUIRE, Derek B  1935Huddersfield reg dist I109
6 MEAL, George Vickerman  1892Huddersfield reg dist I3118
7 MOSLEY, Sarah  Abt 1883Huddersfield reg dist I3073
8 VICKERMAN, Alec  1923Huddersfield reg dist I2114
9 VICKERMAN, Cedric  1905Huddersfield reg dist I2134
10 VICKERMAN, Colin  1926Huddersfield reg dist I2136
11 VICKERMAN, Ida  1904Huddersfield reg dist I175
12 VICKERMAN, John F  1930Huddersfield reg dist I4574
13 VICKERMAN, Keith  21 Mar 1933Huddersfield reg dist I2212
14 VICKERMAN, Margaret  1926Huddersfield reg dist I4575
15 VICKERMAN, Pamela J  1937Huddersfield reg dist I4570
16 VICKERMAN, Patricia  1940Huddersfield reg dist I4576
17 VICKERMAN, Pauline  1936Huddersfield reg dist I2240
18 VICKERMAN, Peter  1922Huddersfield reg dist I2242
19 VICKERMAN, Stanley  13 Jan 1922Huddersfield reg dist I4564
20 VICKERMAN, Stephen  1861Huddersfield reg dist I4195
21 VICKERMAN, Tom  1910Huddersfield reg dist I2260
22 VICKERMAN, Wilfred  17 May 1911Huddersfield reg dist I4565
23 VICKERMAN, Winfred  1904Huddersfield reg dist I95
24 WHITFIELD, David Shaw  1872Huddersfield reg dist I4587
25 WHITFIELD, Frederick William  1871Huddersfield reg dist I4588
26 WHITFIELD, Jessie Helen  1867Huddersfield reg dist I4590
27 WHITFIELD, John G  1866Huddersfield reg dist I4595
28 WHITFIELD, Margaret Maud  1880Huddersfield reg dist I4593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 -?-, Ellen  1907Huddersfield reg dist I2404
2 -?-, Martha  1854Huddersfield reg dist I2379
3 -?-, Mary Ann  1907Huddersfield reg dist I3550
4 -?-, Sarah  Sep 1857Huddersfield reg dist I1540
5 ARLOM, Stephen  1889Huddersfield reg dist I2384
6 ARMITAGE, Green  1906Huddersfield reg dist I4176
7 ARMITAGE, Green  1906Huddersfield reg dist I1959
8 ARMITAGE, James  1905Huddersfield reg dist I4177
9 BERRY, Arthur Bradley  1909Huddersfield reg dist I4239
10 BOOTH, John Hardy  1884Huddersfield reg dist I61
11 BROOK, Naomi  1897Huddersfield reg dist I2025
12 BROOKE, Thomas  16 Jul 1908Huddersfield reg dist I2936
13 CALVERT, Hadfield  1905Huddersfield reg dist I3543
14 CLEGG, Emma  1892Huddersfield reg dist I583
15 CROSSLEY, Alfred  1906Huddersfield reg dist I2400
16 CROSSLEY, Angela  1876Huddersfield reg dist I2524
17 CROSSLEY, Louise Alberta  1895Huddersfield reg dist I2414
18 CROWTHER, Joe  1893Huddersfield reg dist I2976
19 DONKERSLEY, Alice  1863Huddersfield reg dist I2424
20 DONKERSLEY, John H  1900Huddersfield reg dist I2432
21 DOWNEY, Mary Ann  1873Huddersfield reg dist I3732
22 DRAKE, Hamor  1865Huddersfield reg dist I3001
23 DYSON, Edna  1847Huddersfield reg dist I2442
24 GARDINER, Emma Jane  1890Huddersfield reg dist I2068
25 GARDINER, Fanny  1867Huddersfield reg dist I2001
26 GARDINER, Sarah Ann  1891Huddersfield reg dist I2048
27 GLEDHILL, Martha Hannah  1940Huddersfield reg dist I3155
28 GLEDHILL, Watson  1917Huddersfield reg dist I3074
29 GOLDTHORPE, Bathia  1892Huddersfield reg dist I2500
30 GOLDTHORPE, Hannah Maria  1897Huddersfield reg dist I2504
31 HAIGH, Sarah  1891Huddersfield reg dist I2510
32 HAWKYARD, Joah  1875Huddersfield reg dist I1199
33 HAWKYARD, Lydia  1863Huddersfield reg dist I1200
34 HAWKYARD, Mary Jane  1904Huddersfield reg dist I3062
35 HAYES, William  1911Huddersfield reg dist I2016
36 HEPPENSTALL, Aaron  1906Huddersfield reg dist I1208
37 HEPPENSTALL, Ellen Ann  1871Huddersfield reg dist I1228
38 HEPPENSTALL, William Booth  1881Huddersfield reg dist I1272
39 JEPSON, Jane  1879Huddersfield reg dist I2430
40 JORDINSON, Thomas Rushworth  1909Huddersfield reg dist I2028
41 JORDINSON, William  1872Huddersfield reg dist I2029
42 LIVERSEDGE, Agnes  1914Huddersfield reg dist I4586
43 LODGE, Martha  1891Huddersfield reg dist I2381
44 MALLINSON, Emily  1875Huddersfield reg dist I2374
45 MARSHALL, Abraham  1885Huddersfield reg dist I421
46 MITCHELL, Lydia  1950Huddersfield reg dist I1487
47 OLDHAM, Arthur  1898Huddersfield reg dist I2046
48 PERSEVELL, Martha  1888Huddersfield reg dist I3057
49 PORTER, Henry  1891Huddersfield reg dist I2335
50 PRIESTLEY, Henry Vickerman  Jan 1867Huddersfield reg dist I3129

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / BEAUMONT  1889Huddersfield reg dist F65
2 / LODGE  1863Huddersfield reg dist F1163
3 / TAYLOR  16 Nov 1865Huddersfield reg dist F1214
4 ARLOM / LODGE  1857Huddersfield reg dist F932
5 ARMITAGE /   1864Huddersfield reg dist F727
6 ARMITAGE / BROOK  1859Huddersfield reg dist F726
7 ARMITAGE / BROOK  1859Huddersfield reg dist F1489
8 ARMITAGE / ROBERTS  1864Huddersfield reg dist F1487
9 BEAUMONT / CROWTHER  1878Huddersfield reg dist F1102
10 BELOE / PRIESTLEY  1938Huddersfield reg dist F1104
11 BERRY / CROSLAND  1899Huddersfield reg dist F1507
12 BERRY / DRAKE?  1858Huddersfield reg dist F1506
13 BERRY / HEPWORTH?  1893Huddersfield reg dist F1508
14 BRADLEY? / HANSON  1910Huddersfield reg dist F382
15 CALVERT / COOKE  1892Huddersfield reg dist F1270
16 CHADWICK / VICKERMAN  1850Huddersfield reg dist F1275
17 CROSSLEY / WOOD  1878Huddersfield reg dist F949
18 CROWTHER / -?-  1865Huddersfield reg dist F1127
19 CROWTHER / WOOD  1895Huddersfield reg dist F1124
20 DEARNLEY / SHAW  1896Huddersfield reg dist F27
21 DONKERSLEY / JEPSON  1861Huddersfield reg dist F957
22 DRAKE / CROSLAND  1854Huddersfield reg dist F1133
23 DYSON / MOORE  1856Huddersfield reg dist F961
24 DYSON / WEBSTER  1883Huddersfield reg dist F962
25 FENTON / BOOTHROYD  1901Huddersfield reg dist F1279
26 FRANCE / MACE  1878Huddersfield reg dist F973
27 GARSIDE / JORDINSON  1891Huddersfield reg dist F752
28 GLEDHILL / CROSSLEY  1893Huddersfield reg dist F975
29 GLEDHILL / HAWKYARD  1878Huddersfield reg dist F1153
30 GLEDHILL / HORSFALL  1878Huddersfield reg dist F1156
31 GLEDHILL / HUNTINGTON  1873Huddersfield reg dist F1149
32 GLEDHILL / MOORHOUSE  1898Huddersfield reg dist F1151
33 GLEDHILL / MOSLEY  1910Huddersfield reg dist F1160
34 HALSTEAD / VICKERMAN  1937Huddersfield reg dist F555
35 HEPPENSTALL / -?-  1857Huddersfield reg dist F416
36 HEPPENSTALL / BOOTH  1896Huddersfield reg dist F422
37 HEPPENSTALL / GLEDHILL  1887Huddersfield reg dist F425
38 HEPPENSTALL / MAY  1900Huddersfield reg dist F423
39 HEPPENSTALL / METCALFE  1878Huddersfield reg dist F419
40 HEPPENSTALL / ROBINSON  1854Huddersfield reg dist F421
41 HILL / VICKERMAN  1958Huddersfield reg dist F1641
42 HIRST / CROSSLEY  1867Huddersfield reg dist F984
43 HIRST / ROEBUCK  1899Huddersfield reg dist F986
44 HORSFALL / CALVERT  1900Huddersfield reg dist F1289
45 JAGGER / CROSSLEY  1872Huddersfield reg dist F988
46 JAGGER / HAWKYARD  1848Huddersfield reg dist F431
47 JORDINSON / BROOK  1862Huddersfield reg dist F751
48 MACE / SHAW  1890Huddersfield reg dist F994
49 MARSHALL / LEES  1875Huddersfield reg dist F153
50 MEAL / CROWTHER  1891Huddersfield reg dist F1176

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