Huddersfield reg dist, WRY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BERRY, Peter D  25 Apr 1921Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2215
2 BERRY, Winifred  1896Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I351
3 CHAMBERS, Arthur  12 Feb 1884Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I158
4 DARWENT, Hazel  1932Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2202
5 DONOGHUE, Andrew Stephen  1966Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2164
6 DONOGHUE, Paul Antony  1969Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2165
7 DUXBURY, Lawrence Duxbury  1902Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2177
8 DYSON, David O  1940Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2209
9 DYSON, Lynda  1951Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2214
10 DYSON, Margaret Lavinia  13 Aug 1912Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2212
11 DYSON, Richard C  1944Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2213
12 FRY, Granville  1941Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2228
13 GARTHWAITE?, Harry  1920Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2229
14 IRVING, Angela M  1942Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I221
15 IRVING, Ann Christine  1938Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I219
16 IRVING, Betty  1939Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2084
17 IRVING, Donald?  Abt 1938Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2180
18 IRVING, Doreen M  1934Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I218
19 IRVING, Frank Woodgate  13 Aug 1907Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I210
20 IRVING, Jean?  1932Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2178
21 IRVING, Patricia Ann  1951Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I226
22 IRVING, Pauline  1937Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2083
23 IRVING, Peter R  1948Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I225
24 IRVING, Robert?  1936Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2179
25 IRVING, Thomas William  9 Sep 1939Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I220
26 KENNERDALE, Marlene  1946Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2089
27 SHAW, Annie Maud  25 Mar 1883Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I211
28 THOMPSON?, Janice? Elizabeth?  1966Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2167
29 VICKERMAN, Ann R  1940Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I4577
30 VICKERMAN, Michael D  1948huddersfield reg dist, WRY I4578
31 VICKERMAN, Tom  1853Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I357
32 WHITELEY, Doris  1913Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2225
33 WHITELEY, Douglas  1920Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2226
34 WHITTELL, May  13 May 1913Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I217
35 WILLANS, Joe William  1860Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 -?-, Mary Ann  1883Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1230
2 ARMITAGE, Jane  1929Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I409
3 ARMITAGE, Lavinia  1925Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I162
4 BERRY, Caroline  1884Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I329
5 BERRY, Edwin  1907Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I339
6 BERRY, Lavinia  1931Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I333
7 CHAMBERS, Arthur  1958Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I158
8 CHAMBERS, Benjamin  1894Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1234
9 CHAMBERS, Harriet  1879Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1241
10 CHAMBERS, Henry  1889Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1224
11 CHAMBERS, John  1892Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1222
12 CHAMBERS, Jonathan  1889Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1221
13 CHAMBERS, Lewis  1912Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I161
14 CLIFFE, Sarah Ann  1902Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1199
15 CROWTHER, Rowland  1881Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I463
16 DARWENT, George Tracey  Dec 1973Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2201
17 DYSON, Harold  1897Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1181
18 DYSON, Kenneth Charles  Jun 1974Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2206
19 GIBSON, Joe  1918Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I195
20 GIBSON, Phyllis Hannah  1948Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I198
21 GIBSON, Willie  1953Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I196
22 HILEY, Edith  1892Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1835
23 HILEY, Edmund  1917Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1822
24 HILEY, Fred  1931Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1825
25 HILEY, James  1867Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1820
26 HILEY, James Hubert  1951Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I2199
27 HILEY, Lilian  1894Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1836
28 HILEY, Sarah Hannah  1867Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1824
29 HOYLE, Emma  1952Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1833
30 IRVING, Phyllis  1955Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I145
31 IRVING, Sarah Ann  1923Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I151
32 JEFFRIES, Sarah Ann  1928Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I427
33 KENWORTHY, Joseph  1882Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1694
34 LIVESEY, Harold  1935Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I186
35 MATTHEWS?, Emma  1896Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1260
36 NETHERWOOD, Ellen Ann  1897Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1201
37 RINGROSE, Mary  1875Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1765
38 ROBINSON, Susannah Pilley  1917Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1194
39 SHAW, Norman  1978Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I190
40 VICKERMAN, Fanny  1907Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I394
41 VICKERMAN, Fred  1972Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I378
42 WAINWRIGHT, Charles  1884Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1251
43 WILLANS, Albert  1872Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1167
44 WILLANS, Ernest  1893Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I384
45 WILLANS, Mallinson Fred  1872Huddersfield reg dist, WRY I1168


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / JUBB  Sep 1984Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F610
2 -?- / SHAW  Abt 1954Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F97
3 BARRACLOUGH / VICKERMAN  1974Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F172
4 BEAUMONT / IRVING  1973Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F113
5 BOOTHROYD / DYSON  1875Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F528
6 BROOK / CHAMBERS  1872Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F607
7 CHAMBERS / HAW  1901Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F488
8 CHAMBERS / HORN  1872Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F483
9 CHAMBERS / KAYE  1878Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F486
10 CHAMBERS / LODGE  1879Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F482
11 CHAMBERS / WALSHAW  1843Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F479
12 DARWENT / HILEY  1926Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F694
13 DYSON / -?-  1864Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F526
14 DYSON / BERRY  1875Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F159
15 DYSON / FULLER  1903Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F461
16 DYSON / MARSHALL  1874Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F527
17 DYSON / PRIEST  1962Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F697
18 DYSON / ROGERS  1939Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F698
19 DYSON / SUNLEY  1931Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F696
20 DYSON / VICKERMAN  1955Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F548
21 EXLEY / CHAMBERS  1899Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F490
22 FEARNSIDE / NETHERWOOD  1957Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F685
23 FIRTH / RAMSDEN  1940Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F704
24 FRY / WHITELEY  1940Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F706
25 GARTHWAITE? / VICKERMAN  1918Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F180
26 GIBSON / BROOKE  1903Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F98
27 GIBSON / EASTWOOD  1907Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F99
28 HEPWORTH / VICKERMAN  1910Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F181
29 HESSEL / MANN  2005Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F547
30 HILEY / DYSON  1880Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F569
31 HILEY / HOYLE  1884Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F571
32 HILEY / KITCHINGMAN  1878Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F570
33 HILEY / SCHOLEFIELD  1912Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F691
34 HILL? / SHAW  1905Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F107
35 HOLDSWORTH / HUTTON  1919Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F204
36 HUTTON / EASTWOOD  1907Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F202
37 HUTTON / GLEDHILL  1915Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F203
38 IRVING / BOOTHROYD  1925Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F104
39 IRVING / DODSON  1972Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F112
40 IRVING / FIRTH  1933Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F105
41 IRVING / GLEDHILL  1915Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F73
42 IRVING / HARDY  1936Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F109
43 IRVING / SHAW  1931Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F72
44 IRVING / TROTT  1945Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F111
45 IRVING / WHITTELL  1933Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F108
46 JACKSON / CHAMBERS  1901Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F491
47 KAYE / DARWENT  1955Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F695
48 KENWORTHY /   1872Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F552
49 LEE / CHAMBERS  1849Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F481
50 LITCHFIELD / HUTTON  1912Huddersfield reg dist, WRY F201

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